Rules and Regulations 校 規

校  規

電腦教室規則 Computer Room Usage Rules

目的 : 校規學校處分法則之基礎

適用 : 凡北郡中文學校學生均應遵守

校規 : 教室內學生應遵守事項:

  • 學生必須等候老師領進教室上課,保持安靜。
  • 若任課老師指派座位,則應按指派座位就座。
  • 下課時不得任意逗留及擅自進入任何教室。
  • 教室內所屬書籍、展示品及書桌內之物不可亂動       及使用、不可損壞桌椅及其他物品。
  • 教室內需保持清潔,不得吃喝食物及飲料。
  • 對老師應有禮貌,上課時有問題應先舉手,離開座位及教室應得老師准許。
  • 考試時不得作弊也不得與同學交談。
  • 對同學友愛、不可欺侮、吵鬧或騷擾其他同學。


  • 應服從校務工作人員及執勤家長之勸戒。
  • 車輛不得違規停放,否則被拖走或罰款,本校概不負責。
  • 上課時間學生不得在校園內遊蕩或擅自外出。
  • 保持校園整潔,不得破壞校內草木及一切器具(諸如運動器材等)。


  • 不得有任何危及自身及他人安全之舉動。
  • 學生在校內不得攜帶武器及毒品。
  • 學生不得在校內涉及煙、酒及其他非法行為。


  • 學校為顧慮學生安全,設有健全點名制度,家長應與學校密切合作以防意外(如走失、誘拐之類)。
  • 凡學生因故不能到校,家長應儘早向任課老師請假。
  • 學生不得擅自提早離校,因故需早退,須有家長便條,並知會任課老師始得離校。

學生處分條例 : 學生違反上述校規者,視情節之輕重,可有下列不同之處分:

  • Ÿ勒令退學:學生在校內攜帶武器、毒品或其他嚴重違規行為者、立即予以勒令退學。
  • Ÿ口頭警告:將由任課老師電話通知學生家長。
  • Ÿ書面警告:校方將以書面通知家長。任課老師及校方負責人員均有權簽署書面警告。
  • Ÿ退學 : 退學通知將由校長、副校長、訓導、教務人員級任課老師共同簽署。
    經口頭警告及書面警告後,再犯者予以勒令退學。 勒令退學者不予退費。



SDCCA- North County Chinese School Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to all students of the North County Chinese School (NCCS):

I. In the Classroom – All students are required to

A. Line up outside the classroom before class, and enter only after the teacher has arrived.  Keep quiet during class at all times.
B. Stay out of the classroom during recess.
C. Stay in the teacher-assigned seat.
D. Avoid tampering with the teacher's desk and/or teaching materials.
E. Respect the property of others.
F. Keep the classroom clean. No food or drinks are allowed inside.
G. Ask for permission before speaking, and before leaving the classroom.
H. Be quiet during tests and obey all test rules.
I. Participate in class and help maintain class order.

II. On campus - All students are required to

A. Follow directions given by NCCS staff and PTA members on duty.
B. Park cars in designated parking areas. NCCS will not be responsible for fined or towed vehicles.
C. Return promptly to the classroom when the bell rings after recess.
D. Keep the campus clean. Stay away from all locker areas.

III. Other Safety Rules

A.  Avoid climbing tile roof, jumping off walls, running in a crowd and other dangerous activities.
B. Do not bring balls and other types of throwing toys to class.
C. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, weapons and other dangerous materials are not allowed on campus.
D. Be friendly to other students.  No verbal or physical abuse is allowed.

IV. Disciplinary Procedures

A. Zero Tolerance Policy: Any student caught with weapons, drugs or committing serious crimes will be expelled immediately.
B. Oral Warnings: Teacher in charge will telephone parents about misbehaviors.
C. Written warnings will be issued by teachers or NCCS staff members.  Parents may be asked to accompany an unruly student to class.
D. Expulsion: expulsion notices will be issued by the disciplinary committee which includes the principal, vice-principal, the head counselor and the teacher.
Repeat offenders after oral warnings and written warnings will be expelled.
Students expelled from NCCS will not qualify for tuition refund.

V. Other reminders

A.  After class ends, students are required to leave the campus within fifteen minutes.  NCCS staff members are not responsible for incidents occurring after school.
B. NCCS reserves tile right to refuse admission to any student whose behavior interferes with classroom instruction.  Students disturbing classroom instruction or breaking school regulations may be detained at the office or dismissed early.
C. All students are required to follow classroom rules made by the teacher and any additional school regulations announced by NCCS in the future.