Curriculum 課程內容

Pre-School Classes– For students from age 4 to 5 years old. (4 years old by 9/1)
– Instruction includes Nursery Rhymes, Singing, and Games (learn Chinese pronunciation through games and songs)
CSL Classes
(Chinese as
Second Language)
– For students 5 years and older from non-Chinese speaking families. (5 years old by 9/1)
– Registering: 
* CSL – Kindergarten to Advanced (My Chinese Book、Let’s Learn Chinese Book 1、Everyday Chinese、Theme-based curriculum)
Beginner Classes
Novice Classes
Intermediate Classes
– For students 5 years and older. (5 years old by 9/1)
– Registering: 
* Kindergarten classes
* Beginning Chinese:First Grade to Six Grade (Meizhou Huayu Level 1 to 6 ) 
1) ZhuYin class
2) PinYin class
Advanced Classes– Registering: 
* Post AP (1 & 2) class Traditional/Simplified Chinese
Credit Classes– For students 7th grade and higher with credit permission from school counselors. Students may start from Credit Class 1.
– Registering: 
* Credit 1 to 4 (Integrated Chinese)
AP Chinese Class– For students 10th grade and higher with placement test score 80 or higher.
– Afternoon class only (1:00pm – 4:50pm) at SDCCA-NCCS Learning Center
Adult Class– Small class instruction focuses on daily conversation and/or business conversation.
Computer Class– Required for all students enrolled in Intermediate Classes, CSL-C2 and above
Cultural Classes– Singing and movement, Crafting with Chinese culture and Chinese Yoyo classes


學前班– 招收四歲以上, 五歲以下的學童 (9/1滿四歲)
– 教授童謠,唱遊和美勞,在遊戲中啓蒙對中文的興趣
雙語組– 招收五歲以上, 非中文背景家庭的學童 (9/1 滿五歲)
– 本學年度招收:
* CSL B1至 Advanced(兒童中文 、華語向前走、天天中文、主題式教學)
– 招收五歲以上學童 (9/1 滿五歲)
– 本學年度招收:
* 首冊注音/拼音班
* 一年級至六年級班(美洲華語一至六冊)
1) 注音繁體字班
2) 拼音簡體字班
高級組– 本學年度招收:
* Post AP (1 & 2)班 (上過本校AP班或是英文學校 十二年級學生)
* 繁/簡體字班
學分班– 本學年度招收:
* 七年級以上學生, 可註冊學分一
* 學分一至學分四(中文聽說讀寫)
AP 中文班– 十年級以上學生, 星期日 (1:00-4:50pm),上課地點: 北郡文教中心 (SDCCA-NCCS Learning Center)
成人班– 小班教學以日常生活會話, 或商業用會話為主
電腦班– 本校學生中級組和 CSL-E2 以上班級必修電腦課
文化課– 普通班有唱遊、手工文化課扯鈴課