North County Chinese School (NCCS) 北郡中文學校

NCCS was founded in 1979 at a garage in San Diego. A small group of parents volunteered to be teachers and administrative staff. Today, parents are still the strong base of our volunteers. We are strived to provide excellent program to teach our students to be a lifelong learner and lover of Chinese language and culture. NCCS provides Pre-K, K-12 and adult classes. NCCS also provides world language credit classes, AP Chinese and Post AP class for high school students.

北郡中文學校從1979年,由十數個家庭在車庫開班授課以來,已逾四十年。當年家長們自任教學和行政工作, 目前家長們所擔任的義工仍舊是我們學校的主力。為孩子們提供學習中文和認識中華文化的環境,正是我們存在和努力的目標。北郡所開的班級有學前班、K-12 和成人班。另外還有高中生的學分班、AP 中文和Post AP 班(考過AP Test的高中生繼續學習中文)。

Why choose North County Chinese School?

NCCS was founded in 1979. We are the oldest Mandarin Chinese School in San Diego, Providing classes from Pre-K , K-12, Post AP and adults. Chinese I, II, III, IV and  AP high school credit classes are offered for those who are interested.

With SDCCA Learning Center established in 2012 and Taiwan Center of Mandarin Learning established in 2022, we are capable of providing learning experiences like calligraphy, Chinese brush painting, and other cultural activities inside and outside of classrooms all year round.

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